About Us

About Us

I am Syewon (Say-won) Weah. Here with me is my beautiful wife Ora Weah.  She is that support I lean on to do what I do.  Thank God for this wonderful woman.

Founded 2002, Ultimate Video Production continues to provide excelling video and photo services in the twin cities.  We are a family run business committed to serving members of our community capture and relive their joyous and memorable moments.

 I manage the business and have done so for the past 13 years.  Other area of professional satisfaction is in Mechanical Engineering. Videography provides that missing connection that I need with my community.  Over the years, the over 100 weddings we’ve done for couples in and around the Twin Cites have helped to keep that connection alive.

We initially started as a Wedding Video Production Service.  It didn’t take long to realize the demanding need of our clients for a Photography service.  In 2005 we  expanded our services to include wedding photography.  Our ability to now provide both wedding video and photo under the same roof has positioned us as the #1 solution for couples looking to preserve their wedding memories.

We are grateful to the diverse communities we serve.  Worth noting is the general African Immigrant Community comprising couples from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, etc.  We are not limited to these folks, because they know that we understand their style of celebration that is why they come. These couples and their families continue to enjoy our services over and over.  We foster establishing great relationships, and when we accomplish that with you, cost of service become a secondary issue.

Key to us is to make you feel at home and satisfy, because when you are, we will see again and again.

If you are planning a wedding,  we can help.  Contact me here and tell me about your event..