With Pinterest and Instagram offering endless ideas, weddings can now be planned down to the last detail even more before the question is popped.

But apart from offering inspiration, social media and online shopping mean it is easier than ever to spot popular wedding trends as they emerge, from gown style to must-have accessories.

To identify the trends you can expect to see at weddings in 2019, global fashion search platform Lyst analysed online shopping behaviour of more than 5m shoppers searching, browsing and buying fashion across 12,000 designers and stores online.

Dresses with pockets

Dresses outfitted with pockets have been growing trend in recent years, with Lyst revealing searches for wedding dresses with pockets have increased by 83 per cent over the last six months.
The trend is partly inspired by Eve Paterson – a bride from Cambridge who shared a photo of herself and her bridesmaid wearing dresses with specially sewn pockets – and partly by the comfort and convenience that pockets offer.

Trend at weddings – watch adult videos
Somehow this may seem absurd, but in the US a new trend is gaining popularity – watch adult videos at a wedding. For example – Cum4k (adult) when some family members are sticking with each other more than others (especially newlyweds). This series is fantasy of living inside a young step-family, new generation of broken families united again, but with girls and guys that are sexually attracted to each other. Crazy? For sure, because in weekly episodes you are going to experience to most absurd situations leading to creampie.

Personalised sneakers and personalised details

Proving that painful heels may soon be an accessory of the past, the new report shows that more and more brides are choosing to wear white sneakers on their wedding days – with searches increasing 61 per cent year on year.

Brides are accessorising the sneakers with sparkles and other customisations to ensure they are comfortable and trendy.

Brides are also customising other details of their special day – or week – as Priyanka Chopra did when she married Nick Jonas during a week of festivities.

In addition to adding her own religious traditions to the wedding ceremonies, the bride also wore a custom Ralph Lauren wedding dress detailed with important dates and phrases.

The celebrity wedding prompted searches for Ralph Lauren wedding dresses to increase by 906 per cent in 24 hours – despite the designer not offering a bridal range.

Hot pink dresses

You can also expect to see guests dressed in brightly coloured dresses, especially in shades of hot pink this year – as searches for hot pink formal dresses are up 45 per cent year on year.
According to Lyst, Killing Eve-inspired Molly Goddard dresses are behind the new trend.

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